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All Women Rock/Memphis Women Rock

All Women Rock is an organization that helps entrepreneurs in different cities, and regions start local Women Rock businesses in their area. Memphis Women Rock is a local division of All Women Rock.

Memphis Women Rock (MWR) is an organization that brings a diverse multitude of women in Memphis together through events. We initiate creative events that attract a large amount of influencers connected to the Memphis community


Meet Our CEO-Tamera Sutton

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Complaining about what other people are not doing does NOTHING, Create the change you want to see.

"I may step in the room, meeting, and platform to the naked eye as one, but I have a tribe of women behind me."

— Tamera Sutton


Tamera Sutton is a leader, kingdom influencer, and visionary. She is the founder of EmergeShift, a Social Media Educator and public speaker. Her most important role is being a wife, and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Tamera obtained a bachelors degree in healthcare from University of Memphis. On her journey exploring a career in healthcare, she started a lifestyle blog titled Tamera’s Closet. Here she wrote about entertainment, fashion and her favorite topic was, and still is inspiration. She enjoyed energizing readers on Sunday with her Soulful Sunday posts. With the success of her blogs and social media events, she continued her passion to motivate social media influencers and entrepreneurs. In 2013 her social media global business was born. She is a regular contributor to Forbes. Tamera’s entrepreneur journey includes many setbacks, disappointments, and failures along with successes. She utilizes the strength and momentum gained through her personal triumphs to inspire women on a public speaking, and live stream platform.